Room 1 2017

What have we been up to in Room 1 in Term 3 and 4?
In Room 1 we have been learning about Planet Earth and beyond. 

We have been learning about how important the sun is to us on Earth. The sun's warmth keeps us alive and makes plants and us grow! 
We have also learnt about the orbit of the planets around the sun, and the orbit of Earth around the sun. We have learnt about the seasons and why we have day and night.  

This term, we are looking at what causes Weather. We are learning that it's all about air - How hot is the air? How much moisture is in the air (rain)? How is the air moving (wind)? How heavy is the air (air pressure)?

Parents - talk to your Tamariki  - What's the weather like today?

Everly -  "Did you know that the sun is actually a giant ball of gas? Cool!."


In Literacy, we have been doing pursuasive writing about whether we should, or shouldn't be able to buy fireworks to light at home. Students have had lots of great ideas about this topic! We are also learning to use Chrome Books to edit our writing! 

Should we be able to buy fireworks to light  at home or at the park?

In my opinion we should not be able to buy fireworks to light at home because it can burn the whole house down and can injure people. People might go close to it and it might explode in their face.  

Another reason why we should not be able to buy fireworks is because if we have a pet it might get scared by the the fireworks and it will not like the sound. It might also run away.

- by Aliyah