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Room 7 , 2018

Term 2 - We have had a fantastic term with lots of learning and fun physical activities to motivate and inspire us. From the excellent small ball skills with Buba from Project Energise to the Physical Education programme with the year 12 students from Porirua College.  We also took part in some skill development with the O'le football academy.  Then finally we ended the term with the Noho at Hongoeka Marae which was also a highlight for a lot of our students.  It was an opportunity to come together and practice all the learning and promotion of working together and forming friendships and whanaungatanga- family ties or togetherness. Here are a few photos.  
Listening and sharing were part of the skills we used to communicate and with our friends with Porirua College Year 12 students.
Everyone had a good time and participated as a team.

Developing friendships and enjoying each others company on the beach.

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We went to Hongoeka Marae
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Mana island from the beach
We had a fantastic time at the beach exploring with friends