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Room 5

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     "At Cannons Creek School we CARE"

Kia Ora! Kia Orana! Fakalofa Atu! Malo E Lelei! Malo Ni! Talofa! Bula! Hello And Warm Pacific Greetings!

Welcome to Room 5!

In Room 5 we love learning  - and having fun at the same time. 
We have been trying hard at our writing, reading and maths, as well as enjoying PE, music and science. See below.

Meantime, Term 2 and 3, we have also been having some fun outside the classroom too..........

Swimming - Term 2 & 3
The Junior School had our usual swimming lessons in Term 3. We also had some additional lessons, for free, in Term 2. 
Here we are learning to kick. By the end of our lessons, most of us can swim on our own, kicking and even trying to do freestyle (overarm).

Trip to Zealandia - Term 3
We were fortunate to be invited to visit Zealandia, a wildlife sanctuary in Karori, Wellington.  49 Junior students and some parents enjoyed a lovely morning walking through the forest and learning about the different birds that live there. We were hoping to see some Tuatara but as it was not sunny, they were hiding in their burrows. We did see some Takahe which is an endangered bird like a large pukeko. We also saw black backed gulls, shags and tuis. The little gree geckos were beautiful. 

Sola and Tauese have found some beautiful flowers from the tree Fuchia (kōtukutuku)

In Maths we have been learning about shapes, and how to measure length and area. We solve our problems in pairs and then share our ideas with the whole class. We are getting really good at asking questions and explaining our mathematical thinking.

Here we are exploring making repeated patterns.
(Kosestatino and Malofou)

Parents - don't forget to remind your child to use Studyladder at home to practice their maths skills and knowledge.

Physical Education
This term we have been thinking about What Keeps Us Healthy? We have talked about different kinds of activities we can do to keep fit, for example running, biking, playing on the playground, bush walking and playing soccer. Sometimes if we don't have a ball, we can still keep fit by making up obstacle courses or games around the garden or park. We can keep fit with our friends or with our family. We just need to get outside and get moving! We are looking forward to watching the Commonwealth Games on the TV. Which sport would you like to try?

Here we are playing soccer with the Ole Football guys. We love Ole Football!

Science and Social Studies
For our Inquiry learning we have been exploring what happens to our Waste (rubbish). We know that some things rot (biodegrade) and some things last for thousands of years, like plastic bags and plastic containers. This has made us think about the packaging we have in our lunch box and how we could have a zero waste lunch box. We know that we can RECYLCE, REDUCE and REUSE.

This is the waste from our lunch boxes at school. What can we recylce from this picture?

Trip to Hongoeka Marae -Term 1
In Week 9 we had a wonderful trip to Hongoeka Marae in Plimmerton. After the Powhiri we had our morning tea. We then split into groups and did different activities: weaving flax, kapa haka (singing), drawing on stones from the beach, and walking to the top of the hill to look out over mana island. 

Kosestatino and Lucious at Hongoeka Marae

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